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Dirk Fenstermacher

PS Los Angeles

Free thinking and objective insights from an LA local

Filmmaker, Content creator ,Actor, Podcast extraordinaire 

My name is Dirk Fenstermacher, for those of you that have completely missed that by the intro, and I am a college grad with nothing more at play other than a pocket full of aspiration and a dream. Amongst my escapades in LA, I have lived the age old tale of "making it in Hollywood" and I feel , like most of you, that I have a responsibility to observe and report. So consider this my my digital diary, if you will, on the accounts of my experience. This podcast, my social media and this website are my thoughts and feelings abridged. As an artist we all pray for the time that we have something to say and a means to say it, so.... Welcome to PS Los Angeles


I loathe pandering to the masses so this will be as raw and as unadulterated as my feeble ego can manage.


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